【FCIM / AOMA】アメリカにて鍼灸OSAKAを紹介【USA】

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【FCIM / AOMA】アメリカにて鍼灸OSAKAを紹介【USA】


まずは、8月24日・29日に姉妹校でもある FCIM(フロリダ中医学院)にてランチタイムセミナーを実施しました。

August 24 and 29, Dr. Motonori Fusamae , morinomiya university of medical sciences participated in  lunch time seminar at FCIM in Frorida ,USA. And thank you for reporting the impressions of the seminar.


Mr. Fusamae have visited Florida regularly and interacted with professors and students of FCIM. Therefore ,we got the opportunity to announce the plans that we will translate the periodicals to English , acupuncture and moxa academic journal “SHIN-KYU OSAKA” published by our school publication department. Here is the letter from student who attended it.

Regarding the seminar presentation last week, guien by our Japanese sister school.
The offer of some of their regular publications being translated into English is a very generous one.
I believe interest was generated especially during discussion of technique and research.
We students are always very pleased to have documented reports to support what we say and clear instruction in what learn.
To be affiliated with such a prestigious school is a boon to our integrity as FCIM students and graduates.



He visited AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin ,Texas too.
And he participated the seminar organized by the student council , to introduce the acupuncure & moxibustion magazines of “SHIN- KYU OSAKA”.



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